Psychological Factors of Child Abuse

According to the Children’s Bureau Child Maltreatment report, there was “an estimated 683,000 children who were victims of abuse and neglect in 2015” (p.32), which is a serious problem for the United States.  Child abuse can be defined in many different ways since there are many variations of abuse.  It can be physical, sexual, mental, verbal,… Continue reading Psychological Factors of Child Abuse

Satire as Effective Argument

After reading both “The Vertical Negro Plan” Harry Golden and “Left Handers” by Roger L. Guffey, according to the ethical appeal of argument, “The Vertical Negro Plan” is a lot better.  The language of the essay is not angry and does not attack anyone like the “Left Handers” essay does.   Guffey uses words such as,… Continue reading Satire as Effective Argument

Movie Review: The Breakfast Club

The classic 80s movie The Breakfast Club is set in detention at Shermer High School.  Five students, all with completely different personalities, find themselves sharing secrets and dropping their walls.  The main issue that continues throughout the movie, is that each student has a different psychological problem.  High school is a confusing time for a lot of… Continue reading Movie Review: The Breakfast Club

The Latest from the Feminist “Front” by Rush Limbaugh

I am arguing against Limbaugh’s “Feminist ‘Front’” and his inaccurate accusations about feminism.  The general stereotype of a feminist is a man hater and wanting women to be superior beings to men, and I am not saying that that is wrong because there are women out there in there who believe that females are superior. … Continue reading The Latest from the Feminist “Front” by Rush Limbaugh